Mailboxes in Columbia Village

Based on feedback from the city Postmaster, the mailboxes in Columbia Village (and many other subdivisions throughout the valley) might be on the association’s common area but the associations are not mandated to maintain the mailboxes or mailbox trees. This is the case in Columbia Village. Our governing documents and current budget do not provide for a neighborhood-wide mailbox replacement/ improvement program.

Depending on the age of the area where you live in Columbia Village, the paint might be peeling off the boxes or the tree that holds all the mailboxes is starting to tilt. This is a great opportunity to collaborate with your neighbors to fix (add bracing?) or replace the whole tree and/or replace your own mailbox. The homeowners on Nasturtium Pl have done a great job of working together to replace their two trees and all their boxes over the summer. Take a look in their cul-de-sac for an example if you and your neighbors are interested in working together.

Some streets in Columbia Village have many mail boxes on a tree, some just two or four. Pursuant to Section 5.21 of Article V of the Master Declaration, a free-standing mailbox must be approved by the ACC (and would also need permission of the Postmaster since the mail routes and delivery order are established).
An older version of the Homeowner Handbook (new version coming out late 2018/early 2019) notes that “Mailboxes and their stands shall be maintained in good condition by owners at their 

 individual expense. Mailboxes shall be black or beige as is the standard on your particular street.” The new handbook will include white as an acceptable color.

Your individual mailbox must be a USPS approved receptacle that reasonably operates to hold mail. If you are interested in a mailbox that locks, there are some nice options such as the Mail Boss Locking Security Mailbox on Self-stick numbers for your mailbox can be found at any home improvement center.

The Postmaster has shared that style and structure of the mailbox trees do not matter if the delivery order does not change. For Columbia Village, mailbox trees (wood frame work) already have an approved design so no need for CVOA ACC approval - - as long as the same design is being used - - similar to what already exists on your street in terms of shape, size, and wood material.

A neighbor has provided pictures of their mailbox tree project along with a sketch. Those pictures and the sketch are posted in the Rec Center hallway and are also available here. Their replacement tree is not exactly the same, but close enough – not warranting ACC approval. If you want to propose a mailbox tree solution that is different in size, shape, and material other than what is already located on your street, please work with Christian at Sentry to submit an ACC request to obtain permission.

Little Free Library

Little Free Library is a nonprofit organization that aims to inspire a love of reading, build community, and spark creativity by fostering neighborhood book exchanges around the world. CVOA ACC has received requests from homeowners who want to host a Little Free Library on their property. If you are interested in doing a similar ‘lending library’ please contact Christian at Sentry to submit a request and find out a bit more about how CVOA is adopting the Little Free Library concept.

A few guidelines:

     · The cost to create and maintain the library belongs to the homeowner. See ideas online including pre-built kits.

     · Your library shall not be placed on common area or public street right-of-way or public easement.

      · Your library shall not obstruct vehicular, bicycle, or pedestrian traffic and must not obstruct pathways utilized for ADA accessibility. 

     · Enclosures must be sized and arranged that no person is able to enter. The structure shall be anchored to the ground or otherwise securely attached to something having a permanent location on the ground.

 Also, the bookshelf inside the Rec Center Common Area is its own “little free library” of sorts. Please come take a look and exchange a book or two. 

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